Support Services

Intelligent Hands

We pride ourselves in having the most capable NOC staff, able to offer a full range of intelligent hands services on site. We specifically recruit and train staff to be competent server technicians, to reduce the frequency clients need to visit site. We additionally have certified staff who are able to perform advanced network and server configuration, above and beyond simple “break-fix” tasks.

Site Migration

Our project management team is experienced in migrations between data centres, both physical “lift and shift” migrations and virtual “over the wire”. We can assist with planning and carrying out a migration, to help minimise the resources required and risk of moving between data centres.

Monitoring & Response

For our clients, we understand the IT assets they operate at Everest are of significant business importance. That’s why we have a Monitoring & Response service, which tracks the health of the assets 24/7/365, and can automatically escalate detection of a potential problem to our NOC team to take remedial action on our clients’ behalf.