Account Management

Add/Remove/Edit multiple contacts on the account, and grant various permissions from Full Portal Access to no access. Select which staff should be able to access billing details, order additional services, and raise technical support tickets.


Through the portal, you can book access in real time with our security team. It is as simple as entering the services you want the visitor to be able to access, and putting in the length of access requested and their name.

You can review our audit logs showing you who physically accessed your service, the date of the access and length of the visit, along with our photographic records.

Service Management

Your services have their location, rack ID, power limits and security combination available through our portal. You can set a friendly name for each service, to help identify things internally.

View real time power usage and historical trends for your services, enabling you to track resource utilisation and capacity plan appropriately.

Additionally you can see network usage graphs showing bandwidth and packets per second transmitted over interfaces.

Support & Billing

Create and respond to support incidents detailing everything from accounts queries to onsite work. Access records showing upcoming and past completed scheduled maintenance.


Where given appropriate access, your team members can view your account statement, details of previous payments, and download copy invoices.