The most popular connectivity option with our clients, Internet access is available on the Everest network and through our carrier partners. Also known as general internet access (GIA) or IP connectivity. Options include BGP routing or static routing, with clients able to use their own IP ranges if desired.

Data Centre Backhaul

Many solutions built on data centres depend on multi-site set ups for reasons such as resiliency and meeting recovery time objectives. Where a solution spans two or more data centres, it is important to be able to replicate data at low latency and high throughput, which is where data centre backhaul solutions are required. Our network and our carrier partners are able to offer everything from 1G MPLS circuits to 40G and 100G wavelengths to third party data centres.

Leased Lines

Leased lines, or tails from your premises to the data centre are useful in certain circumstances where a higher degree of performance or stability is required than what’s available over general internet access. Our carrier partners offer a wide range of solutions suitable to connect your premises to Everest.


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