The full rack solution is the most popular of our colocation options, as an industry-standard unit of colocation. We have various options with power densities and rack sizes to suit all requirements, both common and unique.

Full Racks


We keep a selection of rack services pre-cabled, pre-powered and ready to hand over to clients. Quite often we can provision the service within 24 hours of the order, meaning that if there is an urgent requirement we can respond quickly.


With our rack services, you benefit from all the reliability and resiliency built into our Tier 3+ data centres. You benefit from high site security, as well as individually lockable front and rear doors. In addition our standard configuration is true A+B dual power feeds so take advantage of the 2N power infrastructure we have invested in.

Remote Hands

We include our renowned onsite support services with racks, so if you have a task that needs completing on site, you can use our remote hands service. This saves you time and costs from visiting the data centre, and ensures the task can be completed quickly.


All of our racks are 49U high. We reserve the top U for a patch panel we provide cabling to, leaving 48U useable. We have two depths and two widths of rack available, 600mm and 800mm wide, and 1070mm and 1220mm deep. The most popular option that is suitable for most environments is 600mm wide and 1070mm deep.

Power Density

Our full racks support from 2kW power to 35kW in our high density configuration. All power is provided dual fed, with independently breakered ‘A’ and ‘B’ supplies.


Our full racks use a chimney cooling solution to ensure good separation of hot and cold air, directing the waste hot air away from your sensitive IT equipment. Our solution is tested up to 35kW, meaning all types of requirements can be catered for.

Configuration Options

  • Heights
    • 49U (48U useable)
  • Widths
    • 600mm (Standard 19″)
    • 800mm
  • Depths
    • 1070mm
    • 1220mm
  • Depths
    • ‘A’ & ;B’ power feeds, individually breakered
    • Fully lockable front & rear doors
    • Remote Hands support

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