The partial rack solution is best suited to clients who need a small amount of equipment colocated in our data centre, for which a full rack would leave them with empty space. We offer two options, a quarter rack and a half rack. These have all the same benefits as our full rack service, with a smaller footprint.

Partial Rack Solutions


We keep a selection of partial rack services pre-cabled, pre-powered and ready to hand over to clients. Quite often we can provision the service within 24 hours of the order, meaning that if there is an urgent requirement we can respond quickly.


With our partial rack services, you do not have to compromise on the environment at all. You benefit from the same security, with individually lockable front and rear doors, as well as true A+B dual power feeds. The service is directly comparable with our standard full racks in all but size!

Remote Hands

We include our renowned onsite support services with partial racks, so if you have a task that needs completing on site, you can use our remote hands service. This saves you time and costs from visiting the data centre, and ensures the task can be completed quickly.


We have two sizes of partial rack available, quarter racks and half racks. They are approximately 9-10U for the quarter rack and 20-22U for the half rack. We have a number of different configurations which is why there is a small range of different sizes.

Power Density

Our quarter racks support 2.2kW in each quarter, whilst the full racks support 3.6kW. All power is provided dual fed, with independently fused ‘A’ and ‘B’ supplies.


Our partial rack design is unique to Everest, and provides individually lockable front and rear doors. In addition to this there is cable ‘fluting’ to protect network cables from accidental damage by the partial rack tenants above/below.

Configuration Options

  • Quarter Rack (Approx. 9-10U)
    • From 0.5kW to 2.2kW power
  • Half Rack (Approx. 20-22U)
    • From 1.0kW to 3.6kW power
  • Included as standard
    • ‘A’ & ;B’ power feeds, individually breakered
    • Fully lockable front & rear doors
    • Remote Hands support

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