Content providers and CDNs frequently find data centres with excellent connectivity and a substandard colocation offering, typically in city centres. Likewise, the city periphery data centres often have an excellent colocation offering but substandard connectivity.  The principle challenge CDNs face is distributing a large amount of content which needs both network and data centre to meet in a ‘Goldilocks zone’.

Everest's Solutions

Out of City Centre
We are close to the city centre, but located sufficiently far outside it that we benefit from better availability of real estate. This has huge implications for our clients; a prime industrial park location means more space for plant, increasing the cooling efficiency and hence delivering savings. It also gives the luxury of space with build rooms, de-boxing rooms, and break areas on site.

Practically Unlimited Bandwidth
Through our carrier partners, we have connectivity available with dark fibre and DWDM that opens up practically unlimited bandwidth into the city centre POPs in London Docklands and Slough.