For our clients who have a requirement for between 3 and 20 racks in a secure environment, we offer a service building a caged area onto a shared data floor. Access to this is then restricted, increasing security and giving dedicated ancillary space for storing or working on equipment.

Private Cage


The cage provides an extra layer of security around your racks, restricting access. The access control to the cage can be via a number of options, from a simple key/combination, up to biometric access control with visitor access logs visible through our portal.


With our cage offering, you benefit from increased flexibility. You can use your own preferred type of racks, and we accommodate all types of size and shape rack. Additionally you can set aside some space in the cage for storing equipment or a working area for your engineers.

Remote Hands

We include our renowned onsite support services with racks, so if you have a task that needs completing on site, you can use our remote hands service. This saves you time and costs from visiting the data centre, and ensures the task can be completed quickly.


Our cages are a flexible design, and support between 3 and 20 racks. Typically our cages are on a slightly longer lead time, as they require a design, build and project management phase to their deployment.

Power Density

We support from 2kW power to 35kW per rack in cages. You can have uniform power density or allocate certain higher and lower power areas. All power is provided dual fed, with independently breakered ‘A’ and ‘B’ supplies.


Our racks use a chimney cooling solution to ensure good separation of hot and cold air, directing the waste hot air away from your sensitive IT equipment. Our solution is tested up to 35kW, meaning all types of requirements can be catered for.

Configuration Options

  • Sizes
    • Minimum 3 racks
    • Maximum 20 racks
  • Power
    • From 2kW to 35kW per rack
    • Flexible or uniform power density
  • Included as standard
    • ‘A’ & ;B’ power feeds, individually breakered
    • Fully lockable front & rear doors
    • Remote Hands support

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