Data Hall 1 Complete – Everest Berkshire

The progress on site has been very rapid, and we have now reached the point that we have completed Data Hall 1. This is the first of three data halls at the site, and has capacity for 416 racks. We’ve uploaded a photo of the data hall below; on the right hand side of the …
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Cooling Plant – Everest Berkshire

It’s been a busy week of plant equipment turning up at the Everest Berkshire site, today all of the external cooling plant arrived. The chillers are not quite as heavy as the generators, so the contractors offloading and positioning used a Hiab lorry. Next week will be busy again with UPS and switchgear arriving on …
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Generator Delivery – Everest Berkshire

We’ve recently had our generators delivered to the Everest Berkshire site, and our contractors are well under way connecting them up to give us our emergency power supply. The generator offload is always one of the key milestone dates on a data centre build as they are often the longest lead time item. They are …
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Everest Reading Data Centre Electrical Design

Work is progressing well on the Everest Reading Data Centre site, and we are on track for our planned launch date. We are delighted that we’re running slightly ahead of the project programme. We recently had a trip to our switchgear manufacturer to inspect the electrical panels being built for us. The panels are close …
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Everest Reading Build Progress Update – Jan 2013

We’re delighted to say that work is well under way for the construction of the Everest Reading data centre and we are on schedule to launch the site this summer. We’re using a “room within a room” philosophy for constructing the data centre, that means important IT assets have a further level of physical protection. …
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Everest Data Centres’ New Website

Everest Data Centres’ new website has now gone live, giving more information about our company and what we do. We really like the design, we hope you do too!