Server capacity.

Executive Summary

Our Tier 3+ Reading data centre is called Link33, and boasts 1,000 racks of capacity. This data centre offers key benefits in terms of resiliency, with a high level of 2N protection across the power distribution path. No external air is used in the data halls, meaning we do not have the risk of introducing contaminants which can damage sensitive server equipment. Despite this, the data centre is a thought leader on efficiency with a PUE below 1.2 and run entirely on green power.

The location was selected to be away from the immediate vicinity of high thoroughfare roads to give privacy, yet close to the motorway network. Being located on the south side of Reading gives quick and easy access to the M4 motorway just 2 miles distant. In summary, our Link33 Reading data centre gives you secure, resilient, well-connected colocation in an easy to access location.

Key Benefits

Reading Data Centre

Our 60,000 square foot Tier 3+ data centre in Reading is strategically located at the heart of the UK’s Thames Valley technology area next to Green Park. Our neighbours include Microsoft, Oracle, Huawei, Cisco and Dell. The area has the highest proportion of IT and technology businesses in the UK, and we are proud to serve many of those businesses. The data centre has a fully resilient design to Tier 3+ standards, incorporating multiple protection systems to ensure the highest uptime for your equipment.

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Onsite Support

One of our greatest strengths is with the quality of onsite support we offer. More than half of our or staff come from a hosting background, and so understand the challenges and importance of supporting large numbers of servers in a data centre environment. We aim to be more than a ‘remote hands’ service, but a team of quick-responding, helpful and efficient people that you can rely on. Our goal is for any data centre visit you have to be discretionary – you should be equally happy with our team completing it as your own staff.


Having effective security, both at a physical and network level, is achieved at Everest by a combination of technology, systems, policies and people. We are proud to be at the forefront of the latest access control measures by using iris biometric technology to uniquely identify all visitors, and comply with security standards including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, BPSS and BS7858. In addition, we perform regular audits and reviews of policy to make sure we stay up to date with industry best practice.

Network & Connectivity

There are many different options available to our clients for connectivity. We are carrier independent, giving our clients free choice from a range of carriers on site. The carrier partners we have on site offer the full range of networks services; Internet connectivity, Ethernet transport, wavelengths, packetized services, voice, and more. In addition, we run an in house network, AS60610, offering IP transit, wavelengths and Ethernet transport to selected data centres. Whatever your network requirements, we will be able to assist with them.


We use iris scanning to uniquely identify visitors. The most secure biometric available, there is a false positive rate of 1 in 200 billion.


Automatic number plate recognition, monitoring and recording all vehicles that approach site, and the times they enter and leave.

Fire Protection

Protecting against the risk is fire is critical to a data centre, which is why we use an IG55 inert gas suppression system, commonly referred to as Argonite.